Calls to Prayer - Flashmob and the Bells

When: 8.12am Friday 27th July
Where: Everywhere

Beni Johnson's Word for UK - May 2012 Video: Click Here


8.12am Friday 27th July


To mark the first day of the 2012 Games, the London Organising Committee is calling for thousands of bells to be rung across our nations on Friday 27th July at 8.12am.  This is to last for 3 minutes: 'any bell, anyone, anywhere'.


More Than Gold is calling on Christians and churches everywhere to use this moment to - 


Stop and pray at 8.12am on Friday 27th July for God's Kingdom to come and for a turning to come in our nations.


This is particularly relevant because the same day, Friday 27th July is the final day of More Than Gold's 70 day Prayer Relay - a cascade of praise and prayer throughout the UK.


For some ideas as to how to use this special moment and for some written prayers please go to - link.


Praying through the Games


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