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HOTS becomes HIP - “Healings inside Parliament”


Following on from the many opportunities that have opened up as a result of the recent promotion of Hots Bath by the ASA, this week both our Chair ( Rev Steve Hughes) and myself had an incredible chance to both give a presentation about the work in Bath and also to release healing within the four walls of Parliament itself.

This God-given invitation had come about via Timothy Webb who heads up the work of “Prayer for Parliament” and is key in building relationships with Christian MPs and equipping the body at large in an informed way, to help us pray for our leaders and be a voice in our land.


Paul, Tim and Steve
Just about to go into the Houses of Parliament

It is fascinating to me to see how Jesus can take any situation which at first glance may look daunting and to see what He brings out of it.

So, in a packed parliamentary committee room of around 80 people which included a couple of MPs, we shared on God's Goodness and told stories of the Healings that we are seeing in our City and beyond, as well as Father's desire to encounter those on the streets of our nation.

I had written out a few notes that I thought I would use, but in true Luke 12 style, I can now say that He clearly gave the words as He promised He would in these situations, as well as the ability to make prophetic declarations about revival for our Nation and for us to release Healing into the atmosphere.

As we did so, there were 2 reports immediate of backs which had been healed when we took Authority and a lady testified to something happening in her knee.

Due to the shortness of time, it was hard to get feedback to the fullness of what the Holy Spirit was doing in that moment, but it was evident to all in the room that God had just healed people and was continuing to do so.

We were also encouraged that only just 2 hours earlier, when David Cameron was questioned in PM Question Time about the case of the lady sacked because she had worn a cross to work, he had announced - “then we will change the law and make clear that people can wear religious symbols at work.” 

As Beni Jenson would say “Shift happens” 


It has always been our policy not to fundraise but instead to let Father bring the resources to fulfil what He has called us to.

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