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Welcome to Ministry of Music’s Autumn update

We hope you had a good Summer and enjoyed a little sunshine!  Ministry of Music artists are getting involved in an increasing number of events across the UK but what is really exciting is receiving the positive feedback after the events. Here is some feedback from a recent ‘Test Of Faith: Live!’ schools week…….


“We have had a fantastic 3 days. Chip and Ben spoke frankly and with great conviction, they made God’s message fun and cool. The Youth Group went from saying "don't show us up", to "I wanna give my testimony in 3 days!!!  We had 9 young people give their lives to follow Jesus at last night’s concert and we are following them up tonight :)  Thanks for all your help with the band and the PA people.”


It’s feedback like this that makes the work we do at Ministry of Music so worthwhile.

If you are interested in booking ‘Test Of Faith: Live!’  school day/week featuring Chip Kendall, Galactus Jack and a scientist there are a limited number of days in 2013 subsidised by funding for £250 + travel.


If you would like to book an artist for an event you are putting on Ministry of Music can provide christian singers, bands, worship leaders, DJs and dance crews covering a wide range of musical genres, with prices starting at £100.  We can also provide experienced speakers and PA/Lighting systems to ensure your event is a success.




Empire Nation: Closer, Clearer, Brighter Tour

Following the release of their new album ‘Closer', rated 5/5 by Louder Than The Music,  Empire Nation are embarking on a year long tour which started September 2012.  Join the band on a journey through word and music.  The tour is all about getting 'Closer' with God; seeing things 'Clearer', to make the world a 'Brighter' place. A special tour price of £350 includes travel (up to 400 miles return). Please contact us to book a date.


Chip Kendall: Holy Freaks

Chip’s debut full-length solo album ‘Holy Freaks’ has just received a well earned 10/10 rating from our friends at Cross Rhythms. Chip is keen to make his music as accessible as possible so to help achieve this you can book Chip from prices starting at £250 + travel.  Chip can provide a very varied evening including performing his new songs, giving a talk, providing interactive fun, chatting about his books/CDs or having a Q&A session. If you would like to book Chip for your event please get in touch.



Galactus Jack: Neonmom3

Galactus Jack has just released his highly anticipated EP Neon and is now taking it on the roads.  He is available for a one hour set that features a mix of electro house, dubstep, melodic breaks, and video - all infused with a heart of worship giving the party one focus, Jesus.  As an evangelistic outreach, or a straight up worship party, Galactus Jack will bring an experience like no other to your event. Galactus Jack is also a gifted communicator and can also include a talk or seminar if required.  Costs £250. Please contact us to book a date.


Mariette Davina: UK Tour Dubbed as the ‘Classical Kate Bush’, Mariette’s tour is already underway whemom4re she is being accompanied with a band of piano, classical guitar doubling on saxophone and flute.  The concerts will prove to be an eclectic mix of original and contemporary classical, jazz and worship. As these events will be ticketed there will be no booking fee payable by event organisers.  Further details are available on request.







Using Christian artists in schools can be a great outreach opportunity and an area which Ministry of Music is very keen to support.  Anything from a day to a week in schools is possible and can include assemblies, lessons, workshops, lunch-time concerts, CU meetings and evening events.  Ministry of Music Artists with experience in schools work include…….


Release Dance Crew - can include dance workshops in secondary schools or sessions for primary/middle schools based around singing, movement & communication.

Chip Kendall – 'Test of Faith: LIVE!' a schools package which combines faith, music and science. Each lesson is jam packed with great music, interactive experiments, DVD clips with famous scientists and a real life scientist to answer tough questions.

Galactus Jack – An award winning DJ/Producer who is also an accomplished speaker/evangelist, lessons can be included on just about any topic or subject!

Royal FoundlingsScotland’s christian rock band can take RE lessons on most subjects and music lessons for all ages.

The Steels - a very experienced band at working in schools including RE & music lessons.

Bean Baker – An experienced schools worker who can take RE lessons and also run music workshops with classes of all ages, bands or individual musicians.

Full details of what all the above artists can offer in schools is available on request.

If you need any further information or are interested in booking any of the above tours or other Ministry of Music artists please contact

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Maidment.

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