Here's 125 ideas to help you decide what to do so there's really no excuse! So far a whopping 82 of you have signed up with many crazy 'give up' pledges including; tea, coffee, smoking, chocolate, sweets, laziness, luxury, negativity, using a knife and fork, procrastination, cider, your right hand, gum, £1 a day, make-up, mobile phones, carbs, buying clothes, electricity and perhaps our favourite so far... NOT knitting for 125 days (from a couple of lads who have never touched a knitting needle in their life!)

With your help we can give women the choice to break free from the streets and build new lives away from poverty, violence and addictions.

Last time it raised an incredible £42,000 and with your help we can dream even bigger this time!

Of the 300 vulnerable women we worked with in the last year, 37 took a life-changing step away from the streets and many others made positive moves towards building new lives. 
'Give it up' for these women as you make your pledge to raise money and awareness for One25.

To refresh your memory, the challenge is to give up something for 125 days (yes, that's 4 months) from 4th November OR for 125 hours before 8th March 2013. It ends on 8th March (International Women's Day) with some finale treats (see below).

Are you up for the challenge? Could you dare to 'Give it up for One25'?
Raising money: We strongly recommend you use Virgin Money Giving as the easiest way to get sponsors, donate savings or pay fines.

Give it up GIG and Cream Tea...
Once again, we will host an exclusive concert with great music to finish this campaign in style! The exciting line-up will be announced in the new year, as well as confirmation of a date and venue.

one252We will also be holding a celebratory cream tea for all (further detail to follow).