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WSM - December 2012

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What a time we've had in the UK this year! In partnering with others and serving through the fever of the 2012 Games, we have seen communities reached and churches enter 'into the game' of sports mission like never before. It was a golden opportunity and still is, as we prayerfully pursue what legacy looks like. Thanks for taking the time to read what the Lord has been doing through the ministry recently.



- 90 were blessed & reached on half term Sports Camps in 2 Somerset cities, many became friends with Jesus and bibles were given away. Read more
- Over 900 are receiving ministry through sports coaches every week in Bath & Bristol schools.  
- Over 20 children are attending a new fortnightly 'community club' in Plymouth.


- Outreach & discipleship continues through a Bath monthly teen football tournament
- Our Youth Sports Leaders process continues with monthly mentoring and quarterly whole day connections in 3 different cities.

- Regular tournaments have reached footballers and netballers  and rugby players and are developing relationships between believers and not yet believers.
- A multi-media sports quiz in Bristol has just impacted 70 adults with the gospel on November 9th
- 75 men were ministered to at a Men's breakfast in Trowbridge Read more, Wiltshire and 40 men & women at the launch of the Frome Alpha course
.Read more

- Whole families have been reached as the Plymouth Community Sports Team have served churches by delivering family games during weekends.

'God's Timing' - 'K's story
'K' was invited to assist a WSM coach each week at 3 school sessions; the relationship developed and although 'K' had a fiath in God as a younger person, he had largely fallen away until the whole gospel was explained to him by the coach. He recommitted his life to Jesus and now engages with children and 'disputing' adult peers pointing them to Jesus as well. "I now really believe my life isn't to be wasted away but has real purpose." 'K'

'Change at home' - a camp worker's story
'Whilst playing with his younger cousins, Calum was heard telling them "even though you can’t see God He is right next to you and He can always see what you are doing!’. This was a great example how kids take what they learn in team talks and without prompting share with their families. Calum doesn’t get much biblical input in his daily life so it was special to hear him talking about God!'


- Two new Community Sports Teams have begun in Twickenham, West London and Trowbridge, Wilshire. Both teams are forming, training and planning their first ministry outreaches.
- 15 potential Community Sports Teams are in the pipeline requiring prayer, wisdom, planning and support.
Could you join or start a Community Sports Team?

- Prior to & during the 2012 Games, WSM served as a partner of 'More Than Gold' to deliver sports ministry training to churches; after a busy time look at some of what the Lord did throughout the nation using many different churches and organisations:
  • 13,000 hours of voluntary service to travellers from 300 'Games Pastors.'
  • 2,000 nights of free hospitality to athlete families from 20 nations
  • 500,000 people were reached through church run community events
  • 500,000 bottles & 9,100 cups free cups of water were given away to visitors
  • 2,100 missionaries came to serve from 40 countries

- WSM had the opportunity to take 6 leaders to an international sports ministry conference with leaders from 72 other nations. They learned and contributed much through developing training tools and strategy in specific sports ministry programmes.
Thanks as ever for your prayer, friendship and support. Have a great December!
Grant Sheppard