Greenbelt 2013: Life Begins


When: Friday 23rd – Monday 26th August 2013
Where: Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire, GL50 4SH

A festival of artists, thinkers and activists for an all-age community of the same. Greenbelt is home to all those in search of a better world…

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Greenbelt is an arts, faith and justice festival with a long and rich history. We’ll be 40 years old in 2013. That’s 40 consecutive festivals. Without a break.

The festival we put on is all-age and multi-disciplinary in its programming. Our roots in the Christian tradition, and our approach is inclusive and wide-reaching. Greenbelt is a festival like no other – both in terms of the breadth and depth of its content and also its vibe.

Since 1999, the festival has made its temporary home at Cheltenham Racecourse each August Bank Holiday weekend. But increasingly we’re looking to do more than just host an annual event. Proud as we are of that. And wonderful though it is.

The thread that has run throughout our journey so far – that the arts, faith and justice make for a heady mix of creativity and challenge – is now leading Greenbelt into new collaborations and ventures that will happen year-round and all over.