Real World Economics Workshop: Kickstarting the real-world economy-crisiseconomy on your doorstep!

When: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December 2013
Where: Hamilton House, Bristol
Price: Sliding scale £20 – £100

It’s the end of ‘business as usual’. The time has come to weave together a new social reality in alignment with our values, and to create an economic system that benefits us all. A system fit for the real world.

Based on the Human Scale Development framework of Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef, this workshop offers the chance to come together and dive deeply into the challenges we are facing and gain a new perspective on what is possible. It includes practical tools to engage your community, thought provoking presentations, group discussions and fun interactive exercises that will equip you to be an effective change-maker in your community.

Facilitated by experienced facilitators Inez Aponte and Jay Tompt.
To book ring 07906 262301 or email Inez Aponte .

Read more about the workshop here.