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ladies night shelterCrisis Centre Ministries is pleased to announce that we will be expanding the Ladies' Night Shelter by opening a new dedicated building in January/February 2014.

The shelter, which was named 'Spring of Hope' by the women who use it, currently operates from the charity's main office building four nights a week. Women who seek our help suffer from complex issues - such as domestic violence, family breakdown, alcohol and drug addiction, involvement in sex work and mental health problems. In 2013, we have seen a marked increase in the number of women seeking our help, and ladies night shelter2 the new building will help meet this need.

Our vision is to provide temporary safe and warm accommodation for up to 12 women in proper beds in shared bedrooms, on a first come first served basis every night of the week. The new building will also mean that support for the women can continue in the daytime with counselling, listening support and access services provided by other agencies.


Urgent Funding Needed

The shelter needs £15,000 to fund the start-up costs for the new building. This includes the costs of furniture and electrical items, a month's salaries for two support workers and the first month's running costs for the building.

For more details about the shelter and how to donate, please go to our website.