Denominational Leaders in the Bristol Region Endorse Open the Bookopen the book logo

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The senior denominational leaders from the Bristol region meet regularly, under the umbrella of Churches Together in greater Bristol, to share and pray together over some of the priorities and opportunities for the Church in our neighbourhood.

One of the opportunities coming to the fore, with an exciting sense of shared vision, is Open the Book ( This national initiative, now part of the Bible Society, equips groups of local Christians to tell Bible stories in primary schools within an assembly context.

People from churches of different denomination across the Bristol region have already formed teams and are actively involved; some for many years. Open the Book enthusiastically supported the Spectrum and Together for Bristol city-wide gatherings during 2013.
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Open the Book seeks to “enable every child to hear the story of the Bible at school in their primary years”.

At their most recent meeting the gathered leaders, along with representatives from Churches Together in Greater Bristol, agreed to endorse Open the Book setting a goal to mobilise 1000 volunteers to reach the majority of primary schools in the greater Bristol area.

“Such a venture could give a real and practical expression of Christian unity with grass roots involvement, which could herald a new way of working together. It is a simple yet scalable initiative that could include all churches and churchmanship in a common goal of encouraging Biblical Literacy for a whole generation of children in the region”, said Rob Scott-Cook, leader of the Celebration network of churches.

Support in getting started with Open the Book is being made available through Jonathan Lee, who is working on behalf of the George Müller Charitable Trust and providing local coordination. He is available to meet with church leadership groups, minsters forums, ecumenical forums, assembly’s teams etc. To find out more please contact him at .