Hug An Artist Today!

ngmI remember the day a leader from a church came storming down the aisle shouting at me, 'there'll be no rolling of drums in the sanctuary!' And true to his word, he made me pack up my drums and leave the band without a drummer!

That was over thirty years ago and today many churches have moved on and have drummers in their bands. The church has had a history of opposing new cultural expressions of music including electric organs, guitars and many other 'instruments of the devil’ as they have been called!

I believe the whole sacred secular divide is a disease in Christian thinking which hasn't helped the development of creativity. I also believe a lack of theology on the arts lends itself to wrong or at best woolly thinking about the beauty of art and how much God values it.

God is the ultimate artist. He is a creative. He loves creating new things just for the sake of making something beautiful.  ngm release danceHe loves colours, music, dancing, drama - He loves art!

I think God is wanting to see many more creatives released. We need new artists. More performers. More DJ's. More producers. People who are releasing beauty and excellence through all they create. Stirring, challenging and releasing us to enjoy our beautiful world.

Art is not just for church worship services, art makes our world a better place.

My heart is to encourage, develop and release a whole new generation of artists. A well known theologian said 'dare I say that beauty and art is as important as social justice?' Whether you agree with his question or not, there is no doubt in my mind that we need a new renaissance of art released in our days.

Through new generation music we have been thrilled and honoured to see young artists go on to make a career in the music industry, the theatre world, and other areas of the arts and entertainment arena. We are also excited to see creatives released to serve the church.

Why not go and hug an artist today! We all need encouraged, especially artists!


Ray Goudie

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