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Becoming the part-time coordinator for themedianet has meant much more working alone for me. I mention this not in a bid for sympathy (though you are welcome to call 07941 356026 with some encouraging thoughts!), but because I know it's not unusual for those working in the media. 
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Andrew Graystone has some thoughts on this that might be helpful in a blog post we've just got onto our new site. He includes both Do’s (have a set place to work) and Dont’s (watch Jeremy Kyle all day).
I don't know how many of you pitched your ideas in to the Ship of Fools Badvent Calendar vote. They've narrowed it down to just 8 - from Barbie to Ann Summers, Star Wars to Heavy Metal, and none of them tells the Bethlehem story.
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'The historical fusion of a midwinter festival and the incarnation, to create Christmas, was always going to throw up conflicting messages,' said Ship of Fools' editor Simon Jenkins. 'However, a recent spate of bizarre calendars has meant many have lost the original meaning of Advent and prompted us to find the least inspiring on the market.'
With the half term holidays here, some of us are having a bit of R&R this week. But how many of us escape the media treadmill to have a complete break once a week? 
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The BBC's new Religious Affairs Correspondent Carolyn Wyatt did an interesting piece for The World Tonight, and online, about Shabbat UK, the Chief Rabbi's initiative that encouraged the UK's Jewish community to mark the Sabbath in a special way last weekend.
Now pre-heating your water in the hope that power workers can also have the day off seems far-fetched, perhaps. But are there other things we could do to give ourselves, and others, a proper break? Even if work commitments mean it’s not on a Sunday. Do share your ideas via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Jobs & Opportunities

Durham University based CODEC are looking for discipleship resources in digital format to index and share as part of a new project. They're thinking of resources for small groups, interactive courses and discussion materials, rather than just something you might read or watch. If any medianet folks can point them to relevant material, just drop Marika Rose a line. And if it's aimed at helping people think through what it means to work in or engage with the media as Christians, do copy me in too.

Tearfund are recruiting for a part-time Senior Media Officer for 2.5 days a week. The successful candidate will be responsible for achieving a high quality and quantity of media coverage and public awareness for issues of relief and development, in line with Tearfund’s strategic priorities, and for line managing members of the team.

  With the darker evenings now properly with us I’ll leave you with a prayer written by one of our trustees in November 2012. 

Lord of light,
in the hardness of these days
bring your grace, mercy, and pardon.
Lord of light,
in the confusion of these days
bring your truth, order and hope.
Lord of light,
in the heaviness of these days,
bring your freedom, inspiration and new life.
Lord of light,
in the dryness of these days
bring refreshment, renewal and new beginnings.
Lord of light,
in the darkness of these days
bring with your love, joy and peace.
Lord of light,
shine on me,
that I may be a beacon for your kingdom
and enable others to taste the difference
that only you can make a reality.
Thank you, Lord. Amen. 

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Paul Arnold
Coordinator, themedianet