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We remain deeply grateful to God for His extravagant love for us. We are always thankful for your support and appreciate you partnering with us, joining in praying with passion for all that God is doing in our nation and beyond.
Thanks for sharing in the ride with Christian Surfers UK. 
Well it has been a super busy month for Christian Surfers UK and the next is shaping up to be even busier, so lots to be thankful for and lots to be praying for.

The Jesus Surf Classic which was run on 13 - 14 September once again demonstrated God's faithfulness and showed us that when we step out in faith we give God the chance to show up and do His thing. With the smallest pulse of swell forecast for the Saturday it would have been easy to walk away and call it off. But we all felt we should just go for it, and how glad we were that we did! We had beautiful 2-3ft waves all day, perfect for the younger surfers and much better than we expected. It was a really blessed weekend, highlighted by the positive feedback from the surfers.

God's blessing for the Jesus Surf Classic was highlighted the following weekend when another surf contest on the same beach had a very similar surf forecast but got much smaller and more inconsistent surf. This did not go unnoticed by surfers who were at both contests!
Every richest blessing,
Phil, David, Johnny, Daren, Alice, Ali and the CSUK team.

Thank you for your commitment to pray for the mission of Christian Surfers UK.
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World Bellyboard Champs
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Beyond Sight Tour
Despite a near flat forecast either side of the Jesus Surf Classic weekend there was a very small pulse for the Saturday, so we stepped out in faith and  went for it! The surf was tiny when we awoke on the Saturday morning but as the heats got under way the swell increased and we had great 2-3ft waves all day. We ran five of the eight categories, had a really fun skate comp and there was a really great vibe to the whole contest.

It was great to have a strong presence again this year at the World Bellyboard Champs, organised by the National Trust . It is a really popular event with between 300 and 400 competitors entering and so good to serve this unique community in the wider surfing scene. Christian Surfers helped out with the judging and tabulating and had a really fun day!

5 - 8 October - Newquay, Bristol, London and Swansea
We are so blessed to have Derek Rabelo with us in the UK for a week as he continues the European tour of his film, Beyond Sight - The Derek Rabelo Story. Derek is 100% blind, but this does not stop him fulfilling his dream of becoming a pro surfer and surfing Pipeline in Hawaii. We are premiering the film in Newquay, Bristol, London and Swansea.

11 September - Croyde
Due to the small waves at the Jesus Surf Classic back in September we are running the remaining three categories on 11 October. Please pray for waves and manpower, especially as we are running the Jesus Longboard Classic on the same weekend.

11 - 12 October - Polzeath
The Jesus Surf Series concludes with the Jesus Longboard Classic in Polzeath. This has been a really popular event among the longboard community and it has been amazing to be able to bless them in this way. We have seen much fruit from this event, so please pray that this continues and again we get waves and plenty of crew to help out.

26 Ocotber - 2 November - Tynemouth and Thurso
Please pray for David Renyard and Daren Mountain who will be joined by Brian Allen and a crew from Scotland as they travel with the UK Pro Surf Tour up to Scotland. They will be there to serve and bless the competing surfers and staff with hot drinks, soup and refreshments. Please pray for safe travel and lots of opportunities to share their faith.
God is the best God I know. I was describing to someone the other day that from what I've seen out of the given options in the world, if I was picking a god out of an Argos catalogue I'd choose God. He wins hands down, He is the best God I know. 
When we look we see that gods, or potential anchors for our souls, come in many possible forms. You know the score: career, humans, relationships, money, lifestyle choices, experiences that have that feel-good factor can but last a moment. Fashions pass to become fads, your health fails, the money runs out, someone lets you down or changes their mind. The quality of an  unalterable God is welcome in a world of being buffeted by every wave of alterability. 
And then by His nature defined by the Bible with the adjective, the doing word, of love. God is love. 
He shows mercy and grace. He shows us that we don't get what we do deserve and we do get what we don't deserve. 
God is the best God I know. 

God speaks into every part of our being: our past, our present, our future.  Only someone who, 'Oh yeah by the way also made the stars', who is capable of creative miracles, whose name is still known by the wind and waves, can command, and hold, my full attention. My Lord and my God, the boss of my days, the commander of my destination. My perfect peace in whom my soul dwells secure, secured by perfect hope. 
This all takes faith, stepping on to a rock in a gushing river flow. Will it hold? Fashions pass to become fads, your health fails, the money runs out, someone lets you down or changes their mind. Yet God comes through; answering, providing ways forward in impossible situations. Providing deep comfort and strength in days when the first prayers of our hearts are not always answered. We are not immune to death, sickness, tears and anguish, yet we discover a God who still gives abundantly when we look and is found to be a steadying anchor that holds. 
I don't profess to fully get it. I've used the phrase before: I burn toast, how could I understand all there is to know about the ways and wonders of a God who holds all the waters in the palms of His hands (and that's a lot of water!). I have peace, and joy is mine, knowing that I can have a lifetime and an eternity ahead of me discovering just how God is the best God I know.  
Alice Ovenden