A Vast Minority

New book by Stuart Murray

vast minority

Stuart Murray: "I spent quite a while looking for resources on the subject of this book – but without much success. There is very little that addresses the issue the Christian community in Britain (and other western societies) is facing: how to transition from a majority community to a minority community. I believe this is a critical issue with huge theological, missiological and ecclesial implications. It impacts the strategies, priorities, resources, expectations, morale and self-identity of the Christian community. It offers great opportunities but poses significant challenges. When I mentioned what I was exploring, people were intrigued and encouraged me to invest time and energy in this. When I asked if they knew of any relevant resources, I almost always drew a blank. 

So I ended up writing the book I was searching for – pulling together what resources I could find, reflecting on biblical texts that seemed pertinent, talking with others who were aware of this issue, and drawing on my own experience. I am under no illusion that this is the last word on the subject or even a comprehensive exploration of the many questions we need to ask as we come to terms with this change in our status. But I hope it will highlight some of the main issues, spark debate and encourage further reflection. Some of what I have written is tentative and some may be regarded as controversial. Some is critical of current and emerging policies and practices; but I hope my tone is as measured and gracious as I have intended. I welcome dialogue and look forward to learning from others as we continue to explore what it means to be an ex-majority Christian community.

If this is of interest, I have some pre-publication copies and would be happy to supply you with one (post-free in the UK) for £9.99."