Arise Bristol - Blessing Bristol: Blessfest
Blessfest 2015

Many great testimonies have been celebrated throughout the BlessFest on Whats App, Facebook, Twitter etc. Words of blessing have been showered upon families, married couples, mums and tots groups, neighbours, school teachers, shop owners, taxi-drivers, the police, even refugees in Calais with generous gifts together with prayers. In addition to whole ministries/churches/businesses/neighbourhoods/health centres and even the weather being blessed! There have been many physical healings, restored relationships, debts paid off in unusual ways and even awards received - with Borderlands (in their support of asylum seekers and refugees) being awarded the prize as the best volunteer team of the year! 
One church leader saw a vision of the church in Bristol as a "city on a hill at night" as Jesus described it in Matt 5 v 14. Every time there was an act of kindness or of faith or a testimony of God's goodness, a firework went up from the city into the night sky and there was an explosion of light. Fireworks were going off one after another over Bristol so that people looked and enquired what the celebration was about! They said "let us go and see for ourselves!"
During the Healthy City Week, St Stephens had a wonderful recital, Christchurch a 'Celebrating Life' photographic exhibition, our Healing On The Street teams were out on the streets and more than 1,000 gathered in the cathedral to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Salvation Army. And also a brand new facility at St Augustines, a great blessing and answer to prayer in the south of the city (see below)
  We also had the first UK showing of the new Billy Graham My Hope DVD 'Second Chance' (you can obtain this DVD for use in your churches – see below)
We reflected on Bristol being voted the 'most livable city' on economic and lifestyle issues in 2013, The Independant's 'Britain's Best City' in 2014 and overall urban winner of 2014 The Sunday Times 'Best Places to Live in Britain' thanks to its “great shopping, great scenery and great social scene”, boasting “one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, varied and beautiful housing stock, decent schools, buzzy culture and night life and access to some fantastic countryside”. 
And this year Bristol won the European Green Capital of Culture award.
Let's continue to pray (as one Whats App contributor suggested) that Bristol "tops the charts for having great faith, great love and great compassion and known as the most 'lovable city' because of our economic justice and community lifestyle.
Lets get praying and transforming that this would be so"

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Christmas Arise Leaders Celebration on Wed Dec 2nd 7:30 at 8 Mortimer Road, Clifton BS8 4EX as we reflect on 2015 and look ahead to all God has for us next year.
Every blessing,
The Arise Bristol team
Remember this prayer that senior church leaders spoke out from inside the Cathedral at Pentecost 2014. Great to remind ourselves and speak it out afresh over the City!!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Faith
Let's go and believe God for the Impossible!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Healing
Let's go and help bring Healing to this City!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Reconciliation
Let's go and be Christ's Ambassadors for Reconciliation and Forgiveness!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Life and Freedom
Let's go and set the Captives Free!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Sanctuary
Let's go and Welcome the Stranger in Jesus Name!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Prayer
Let's go and Pray Continuously for the Welfare of our City!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Creativity
Let's go and use our Gifts and Talents to express God's Beauty!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Resource
Let's go and Generously Share our Resources for the Good of our City!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Pioneers
Let's go and do the 'New Things' God has Prepared for us to do!
Bristol, we bless you as a City of Mission
Let's go and Make Disciples Spreading the Good News of Jesus throughout this City and beyond...!!
Second Chance”, the new film from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is released today, as churches across the UK prepare to host showings from Saturday 7 November which is Billy Graham’s 97th birthday.
A free DVD of “Second Chance” is available to every church or organisation that requests it. More than 2,000 have been pre-ordered.
For more information on My Hope UK, including tips on how these resources can be used, visit
The new film follows the previous release, called “The Cross” that debuted late last year and has been requested by more than a quarter of UK churches.
“Second Chance” features a powerful Gospel message from Billy Graham and compelling stories of transformation from Chris Llewellyn, lead singer for the popular Irish Christian band Rend Collective; Nathalie MacDermott, a doctor from Cardiff who served in Liberia to help people with Ebola; and pro-skateboarder Brian Sumner, brought up in Liverpool who found global fame with Tony Hawk.
“Second Chance” chronicles their stories of faith and how a relationship with Jesus Christ made them realise what was wrong, giving a new purpose and second chance to their lives. “All three stories, and Billy Graham’s classic message in the film, address the underlying need that we all have for a second chance. Churches throughout the UK have been praying and preparing, and we are excited to see how God will use this film to impact lives this November and beyond”.
Steve Wade, national director for My Hope UK.

Rend Collective’s recent album 'As Family We Go' debuted in August and immediately hit the record books. In the UK, it debuted at No. 19 on the UK Albums Chart and No. 9 on UK’s Digital Albums Chart, the highest debut for a Christian record in the UK in 20 years and the highest ever Christian debut on the UK Digital Albums Chart.
New start in South Bristol
St Augustines is a new building to replace the original church condemed as unsafe 8 years ago.
We would like to invite you all to visit us during one of our open days. Located on the corner of Whitchurch Lane and East Dundry Road. 6m high cross outside.  You can't miss it!
St Augustines Church, 2 East Dundry Road, Whitchurch BS14 0LL
Thursday 5th November 12 noon until 5pm
Friday      6th November  9am until 5pm
Saturday  7th November  9am until 1pmtogether for bristol logo2
There will be guides to show people around and light refresments available. Visitors are welcome to use our car park off East Dundry Road by our main entrance. We believe this new building has the potential as a venue for the south of Bristol.
Ron & Hilary Matthews