A few highlights of the Media sphere in the Bristol region up to 2016forum for change

Informal gatherings of Christians involved in the Media started over 5 years ago.

The Media sphere was one of five spheres of life which were part of “Forum for Change”, which met twice a year, including for a great Christmas dinner!

Since then, there have been:
  • Four combined MediaNet / Media sphere gatherings in Bristol , including one for prayer
  • Two small dinners for those in the Media
  • A couple of Media Training days
  • Three city wide “Arise” and “Together for Bristol” gatherings of thousands at Pentecost (at Ashton Gate 2012, Castle Park 2013 and College Green 2014) with representaves from the Media sphere involved
  • A city wide conference at the Colston Hall (2013), including stands and a Media seminar
  • One All-Night Prayer Vigil at the Cathedral and St Stephen's (May 2014)
  • Since November 2014, three “Together for Bristol” gatherings, involving representatives from the Media sphere, including to write “A Big Vision for a Good Bristol” in November 2015 (see here)
In 2016, “Together for Bristol” will have a website, including a page for the Media sphere.