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The Big Church Switch


The Big Church Switch calls on churches and individual Christians of all denominations to switch their energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable energy, as part of their commitment to care for our neighbours and for the earth – our common home.

big switch CaringEarthBy using clean, renewable energy we can help restore the earth and bring balance to God’s creation. Clean energy sources offer a reliable energy supply and secure long-term jobs, fuelling prosperity for our neighbours near and far.

By acting together as the Church community we will send a clear and powerful message to governments and businesses that Christians are prepared to lead the way and that switching to renewables is crucial if we are to live in and enjoy God’s world together.

Collectively as the Church we have huge buying power and can secure some market-beating renewable tariffs. Whether you want to switch your home or inspire your church to switch, we will guide you through the process so that you and your church can big switch ClearMessageswitch in a simple and affordable way to a tariff that restores, rather than damages, creation.

Partner organisations have been working closely together in the process of the careful selection of suppliers. This will ensure that the offers from renewable energy suppliers meet stringent criteria in terms of customer service and providing value for money

Join in with God’s work of renewing creation, creating energy for change and standing alongside the world’s poorest people who are most affected by climate change.




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