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Day of Prayer for the Media

When: Sunday 8th May 2016
Where: Everywhere

One prayer can change everything

Do you really believe that one prayer can change everything? We certainly do! There are many stories in the Bible of individuals who dared to pray and the impact of those prayers are still referenced today. With this in mind we are excited to announce the Day of Prayer for the Media taking place on the 8th of May, a day for churches and Christians across the UK to pray for Christians working in and with the media. This year we especially want to pray for media professionals to be empowered to tell the whole story - the negative as well as the positive, the wrongs and the rights, the truth and the redemption.

Join us and many others on this fantastic initiative as we pray and see God's will be done and His kingdom come. There are many ways to get involved in the Day of Prayer for the Media. To keep it simple we have put together 3 things to pray, 3 groups to pray for and 3 ways of getting involved, please see below for more details.

We look forward to you join us on the 8th of May for the Day of Prayer for the Media.

Kind Regards,

Steve Cox
Chair, Church and Media Network

3 things  to praymedianet day prayer 2

  1. Pray for increased opportunities to celebrate empathy, truth and justice in the media and for lives to be changed.
  2. Pray for enhanced respect and mutual understanding between Christian and non-Christian media professionals
  3. Pray for effective discipleship of  young Christians who are looking to build a career in, or will be working with, the media.

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3 ways to get involved

  1. Help us spread the word on social media. Especially sign up now for our thunderclap on the 8th May. We need 100 people registered for it to work.
  2. Post your prayers on the prayer wall, click here to join.
  3. Join the CMN Pray4Media group on the Instapray App to send in prayer requests and pray for others.

3 groups to pray formedianet day prayer 4

  1. Christian and non-Christian Media professionals including those in print, radio and TV journalists, directors and producers, film and communications specialists etc.
  2. Churches supporting and interacting with the media.
  3. Other Christian groups supporting those who work in and with the media.