Mission Accomplished

This month Akeel who leads the Bristol Community Sports Team, went back to train and serve leaders in Islamabad, Pakistan. As his home nation, he has a heart to see the Gospel proclaimed; and one of the most effective ways to do so in such a closed country to the Gospel is through sport. Combining two of Akeel’s passions, (sport and Jesus) and speaking in his home tongue of Urdu, Akeel had much to do and had a particularly fruitful time away.
Before going, Akeel set himself 4 objectives both ministry wise and personal, they were to:
  1. Serve the local churches
  2. Train leaders in sports ministry
  3. Help run outreach events
  4. Be empowered by the Holy Spirit personally
According to Akeel, it was mission accomplished and he ran  Ready Set Go training [the global sports ministry training to equip others theologically and practically to make disciples in the world of sport and play www.readysetgo.ec] for 40+ leaders including 6 church pastors, youth pastors and other local people.
Whilst there, the team that Akeel began last year ran two outreach events: a girls badminton tournament in which 25 girls attending and 6 wanted to know more about Jesus at the end, as well as a kids games [a festival type event with sports and games for children] in which 40+ children attended and heard the Gospel.
Throughout Akeel’s time in Islamabad he helped the team’s leaders, spending time planning future outreach events and setting key objectives. Akeel also helped consult some other ministries including ‘My Talent for Sport’ and ‘Sing for the Lord.’

Akeel reaches many young people as a coach in his home city Bristol using ‘Total-coaching.’ [combining moral or spiritual values into sports coaching. Find out more> ]
Akeel was able to train some coaches out in Pakistan on ‘total-coaching’ giving them ideas for curriculums and equipping them to creatively combine values into their coaching.


Part of WSM’s key strategy in planting teams, is not to just start them and then leave them to it, because as we know a newly formed team can be fragile and vulnerable in a new area and particularly in a closed nation with much persecution. We strongly believe that providing a team with ongoing support is key to them becoming sustainable and also multiplying other teams throughout their region and nation.
Since going to Pakistan and as an ongoing support plan, Akeel talks weekly with the team’s leader, and monthly with the whole team; he also raises support financially from the UK to support them and the Bristol team help cover them in prayer. What a great way to ‘adopt’ a team! Could you adopt a team and help support them? Contact us to find out more: info@worldsportministries.com

new team 2Following the mission trip we asked Akeel what he got out of the trip, this was his response:

“Mission trips are always life changing. But there is now a team who can stand on their own two feet with stability who are trained and equipped well that they have already started sports ministry outreach and have an effective plan in place to make disciples which is the soul purpose of all of this!”

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