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i is internship
i is inhabiting His presence
i is imagination lived

Opportunities are still available to join ingm from the end of September. Click here for more information or to apply online.
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ingm is an internship pathway for artists, musicians, singers, singer/songwriters, worship leaders, musical theatre performers, DJs and dancers.  Come and be part of a professional band, tours, events and recordings!

Opportunities to perform in productions such as Broadway Live, luv esther, join the Release dancers (as seen at Spring Harvest) and more!  Come and be part of our community, buzzing with life and creativity, all soaked in the presence of God.

  We are looking for artists from all over the world to come and join us!

This is not a training course, it’s all about releasing artists to perform!
  Nothing beats experience and at ingm this is exactly what you get.

ingm is for artists who already have qualifications or real experience in their art form.
Call Zoe or Derek on 01454 414880 for more information on applying and auditioning
ingm releases people to perform regularly and record in our studios whilst also being developed by experienced and successful artists in the UK, including masterclasses for performers by Associate Director of RADA (Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts) Geoff Bullen and other industry professionals.
We believe in excellence as a core value.  Our unique facilities, consisting of rehearsal suites, recording studios, dance studio, new media suite and performance theatre, reflect our values of excellence.
Joining ngm gives many other opportunities; serving and performing in local communities, tutoring at an exciting performing arts academy for young people, resourcing the church through events and conferences such as Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Weekends, as well as other UK and global events.  Also opportunities to regularly lead worship at churches and to perform in pubs and clubs.  
Contact us for more information today. 
Call 01454 414880 or email
To see our amazing facilities click on the image below:
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