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Hurricane Matthew has swept through Haiti, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

As Haiti's frightened people emerged from shelter, the damage to their homes and livelihoods became clear. Thousands have lost their homes, corn and banana crops have been flattened, and livestock have been swept away.

Hundreds of people have died and cholera is a major fear. The death toll is rising as emergency workers slowly gain access to remote areas that have been cut off by the storm.

Hurricane Matthew devastates southwest Haiti

The southwest of the country has been hit hardest, with flooding there described as 'truly catastrophic'.
Prospery Raymond, our country manager for Haiti and Dominican Republic, said people will need a lot of support to recover.
'They'll need essential items such as hygiene kits and blankets, cash and materials to rebuild their homes, as well as seeds and livestock.' 

Reaching devastated communities

The main bridge linking the southern peninsula to the capital has been destroyed, hampering efforts to reach affected communities. But our staff in Haiti are determined to assess the damage there and find out what people’s needs are. 
Senior Programme Manager Victoria Jean-Louis explains how she and colleague Jonides Villarson found an unusual way to reach one community.

How we're helping

Thanks to your donations we're providing urgently needed shelter, clean drinking water and supplies. Through our local partner KORAL, we are distributing 500 hygiene kits, 500 shelter kits, 500 food kits and roofing materials to 62 families.

Hurricane Matthew Appeal launched

Please give whatever you can today to our Hurricane Matthew Appeal so that our partners can support communities to get back on their feet sooner rather than later.

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