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Selfless 14 Year Old Hamish Helps Homeless People in his City

14 year old Hamish Anderson buys sandwiches for two homeless men every morning with his own pocket money.
This is his amazing story.
Tell me about why you are donating to the Wild Goose Drop-In Centre?
I cycle past two homeless men in the morning on the way to school, and one day I stopped and asked what they had to eat every morning, and they told me that they didn’t have anything to eat. After that, I started to buy them sandwiches every morning. The place where I was buying the sandwiches – Prince’s Pantry - found out what I was doing and gave me a big discount on the sandwiches. One of the employees, Huw, also helped me set up my fundraising page and posted it onto his Facebook page. My GoFundMe page got shared 300 times on Facebook so it blew up. Lots of donations started to pour in.
How did you feel when they said that they didn’t have any food?
I felt pretty bad for them. I get hungry if I don’t have breakfast, I get tired. If they don’t have anything to eat every morning I can’t imagine what that is like.
What do you think about the homelessness in Bristol?
There are a lot of homeless people in Bristol. 400 people come to the Wild Goose each day and that’s not even all of the homeless people in Bristol. The government is not doing much and is leaving it to charities like this to help them.
What do you think about the work that we are doing?
It’s really good, I thought it was just a café/a soup kitchen. But it’s a lot more….a place to come and brush your teeth, shave and have a shower. You can wash your clothes and stuff like that. It’s really good.
How did you feel when your fundraising page was shared around by so many people?
Pretty overwhelmed. And I didn’t know what to do with the money. My dad suggested the Wild Goose  and I thought it would be perfect.
What do you hope your money will do?
I hope it will feed a lot of hungry people. I’m really happy that the money will be providing a year’s worth of food for the Wild Goose. 400 people a week, 600 plates of food each day is overwhelming. I’m happy that the money will feed a lot of people.
A big thank you to Hamish for supporting the Wild Goose drop-in centre.

Source: www.crisis-centre.org.uk/hamishstory