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A New Year - Opportunities to be Seized!

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We trust you had an excellent Christmas and wish you a prosperous new year. A new year is a time for new beginnings! As our featured articles this month show, there are opportunities out there to be taken! We pray that as groups come together for the first time this year, eyes will be opened to the opportunities that are there - to pray, to be positive, to bring blessing - and all of this step by step with God! Why wait - let's go!
New Year Message to CWGs and Employers from Jeff Steady (TWUK Chair)
twuk j17 2 TWUK made significant strides forward in 2016. For that we give thanks to God and also to our passionate and dedicated teams and to the employers that so often embrace not only what we do but what we are. 26 CWGs have been added since July bringing the total to over 450; over half of these groups have received direct input from our ambassadors in the period. We have a theme for the immediate future: HERE FOR YOU! This exemplifies that CWGs exist not primarily for their own benefit, but to reach out to their colleagues, co-workers and employing organisations - listening, praying, supporting – ways that help sustain positive and productive workforces. Read more here.
Prime Minister's Endorsement of the 'Speak Up' Report Shows the Opportunities that are There
twuk j17 3 The Prime Minister gave a much-publicised endorsement recently of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship/Evangelical Alliance report entitled 'Speak Up', which confirmed that Christians were free to talk to their work colleagues about the Christian faith, in the same way that they might talk about sport, hobbies and family life. What an amazing endorsement of so much of what TWUK stands for! Let's take the opportunities and grow CWGs across the land! Our target to be in touch with 1000 CWGs by 2020 is attainable. Partner with us and help make it happen! (The linked article includes a download of the report)
Christmas at London's Heathrow Airport
twuk j17 4 The CWG at a major airline located at Heathrow is supported by a local church, and services are held at that church several times through the year. As well as the usual service there this Christmas, an event was also held in the airline's engineering base. Remarkably, around one hundred people came along to share food and hear the Word of God. The event started just after 12 noon and people were still coming in at 2pm! Read more about what is happening at Heathrow.
Next TWUK Workshops
twuk j17 5Reading Networking Event - 18th January 2017
Our Reading ambassador Dave Law will be holding a networking event for any who are interested in starting or growing a CWG in the Reading area.
twuk j17 6Warwickshire CWG Leaders Event - 24th January 2017
Come and join CWG leaders and those interested in starting CWGs at our second workshop to be held in Rugby.
twuk j17 7Peterborough Area CWG Leaders Networking Event - February 2017
Postponed from its original December slot, this workshop is for you if you lead or would like to start a CWG and live or work in the Peterborough area.
Be blessed in your work!


Trevor Payne

The Transform Work UK Team