Release Academy Bristol

release academy

We are a 9 month, hands-on ministry training school led by a team from LoveBristol church and beyond. 

Vision: Our vision is to train up a generation of Revivalists and Reformers, radical lovers of Jesus, who passionately desire life-changing encounters with Him. Graduates who want to see our amazing city and planet encounter the Love of God and see the culture and justice of the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, where everyone has the opportunity to walk as sons and daughters like Jesus.Our primary aim is to equip students to be naturally supernatural everywhere they go irrespective of their vocation, age and nationality. The curriculum  is designed to produce graduates who are full of love, integrity, confidence and honour and are able to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Mission: Release Academy is committed to the truth that God loves people, gave Himself for them and has given His body (the church) supernatural power to bring individuals and nations into wholeness. The school emphasises that God’s plan for all believers is to minister in Signs and Wonders – to minister in love, truth and the power of God.
Our mission is to equip and deploy followers of Jesus Christ who passionately pursue transformation in their God-given spheres of influence.

Curriculum: The academic instruction at Release Academy is taking primarily from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). We are drawing together a team of Bristol-based teachers, and visiting speakers from other ministries further afield including Bethel Church pastors and graduates. 

Students will be receiving hands-on training and experience alongside academic understanding, where students are expected to take risks to stretch their faith and grow in the supernatural and in their understanding of God.