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Bristol Works - When we all work together

With over 800 members in Bristol Green Capital Partnership, we have the power to add value and increase the life chances for young people in Bristol. By offering work experience opportunities, we can equip future generations with the passion and skills that will enable them to help create a more sustainable Bristol with a high quality of life for all.

Young adults who had four or more experiences of work while at school are five times more likely to engage in education, employment and training. They earn, on average, 16% more than their peers who had no such experiences. However, not all young people are given such opportunities.
We’re looking for members of the Partnership who are interested in making a strong and visible commitment to providing opportunities for young people, regardless of their background. This could involve a range of different activities, from hosting workshops and assemblies, offering mentorships and site visits, to work placements within organisations.

Bristol WORKS can make offering a meaningful work experience opportunity hassle free, through:
  • advice and information about work experience options
  • support to connect your offer to young people in schools and colleges
  • a platform to share insights into your workplace and to celebrate good practice
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With your involvement, we can make a real difference to the lives of young people in the city, and help create the next generation of people passionate about working towards a more sustainable Bristol.