Looking back and looking forward


1400 volunteers, 93 churches, 170 community projects, 25 kids, youth and senior citizens events, 15 family fun afternoons, 25 communities reached, 25 new Christians. What a week!

We’re so excited by all the stories of what God has done through Hope Bristol 2018. Whether it is young people seeing their faith come to life as they step out, or hearing the huge difference a group of volunteers could make to the lives of vulnerable people all over Bristol. We saw people healed on the streets and kids meet with Jesus at holiday clubs. We saw hungry children fed and lonely senior citizens befriended. But above all else, we saw teenagers meeting Jesus for the first time!

We know that all of this couldn’t have happened without the support and prayer of the local church. We were delighted to have 72 churches from the Greater-Bristol area join us in this adventure. It fills us with hope and confidence that the church in Bristol wants to reach out to the last, least and lost in their communities.
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So, What's Next?

The Noise



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The Noise, who were so foundational to everything that happened throughout Hope Bristol, will continue to serve Bristol in 2019. We'd love you and your church to be part of it next year. Sign up to stay in touch with them here

Building Bristol as a City of Hope

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There has been a sense amongst many leaders in Bristol that it is to be a ‘City of Hope’. With secular authorities keen to work the local church, we believe now is the time for Christians to bring hope to our city.
On Saturday 5th May, Mayor Marvin Rees will declare Bristol as a ‘City of Hope’ before 200 leaders from all sectors of society. If you would like to see how your church can be involved in this initiative, click here or email to get your banner!

City Youth Vision

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Young people have always been central to the vision of Hope Bristol and we are desperate to build upon the experiences they shared during the mission. City Youth Vision brings together youth workers from across Bristol to give a joined-up approach, meaning we can tackle issues such as inequality in youth provision. If you want to be involved in this, drop us an email!
Thank you for partnering with us to bring hope to Bristol for five days. We believe that this is only the start and are so excited to see the difference the church can make to our city.