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The Noise 2019

When: Saturday 4th - Monday 6th May 2019
Where: Communities across North Bristol, East Bristol and South Bristol (Check here)

We are really looking forward to working on community projects and hosting free community events across the city.

There are a range of family fun afternoons, events for seniors, sports activities and more on offer over the weekend - each one hosted by volunteers from a local church who are committed to building community in their neighbourhood all year round. 


We have just begun to advertise the events happening over the weekend and we would really value your support in promoting the Noise weekend events to your networks.

If you would like some event flyers and/or posters to make available and display in your community, please reply to this email with your address and we will get some to you. Alternatively, you can download PDFs to print from our website here.

Flyers will be delivered to schools during the week after Easter.

We'd also love your help to share via social media - we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please use the hashtag #thenoise2019 and don't forget to tag us so that we can retweet your post. You can download PNG image files and find the links to Facebook events for social media sharing from our website here.