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Christian film BREAKTHROUGH(12A)

A Christian film BREAKTHROUGH(12A) opens on Fri. 17th May at Bristol Avonmeads Showcase cinema with performances at 7pm daily.

I would be most grateful if you could let your church know about this and encourage them to attend. If you look at the trailer (See below), you will see that it's well worth considering taking your youth group -do let the appropriate people know.

The film opened in the USA on Good Friday and went to number 3 in the cinema charts over Easter weekend.

If the opening weekend goes well at your cinema it may well be retained for a second week which would be excellent as this would be school half term. It may also be shown at other Bristol cinemas -check their websites from Tues.14th May.

Use the attached artwork in whatever way you like -you may wish to include sending it around on social media two days before the film opens.

Could you put something like the following in your church newsletter both next Sunday and the following one:Bristol Showcase cinema are putting on a Christian film BREAKTHROUGH(12A) from this Friday 17th May -performances daily at 7pm.(Possibly also at other Bristol cinemas -tba) It went to number 3 in the USA cinema charts when it opened there on Good Friday. How will it do here? That depends on the opening weekend box office -do go!

"Tremendously inspiring...A highly compelling movie" - CBN

If the person giving the Sunday notices could see it on the opening Friday or Saturday, this would be great -nothing beats personal recommendation.

"'Breakthrough' is skillful enough to stir strong emotions in both devout and skeptical audiences" - Hollywood Reporter

"You don't have to believe in divine intervention to be moved by 'Breakthrough'" - New York Times

Look at: and also at:

May the Lord richly bless the showings at your cinema.
Yours in Christ
David Taylor
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