Update - CTE Presidents Videos and Joint statement from Church Leaders in Britain and Ireland


Update Posted: 23/05/2020

Download "Ready for the new 'normal' " .PDF (With Active Links): Click Here

Are you ready for the “new normal”? United Reformed Church (URC) Synod Moderators have produced a new booklet to help churches and ministers move forward once the Covid-19 lockdown eases.

The booklet, Ready for the new “normal”: A discussion paper for a pandemic recovery and resumption plan, aims to help carry the URC past the lockdown and into a healthy future.

... Ready for the new 'normal'' document from the URC prepared by the URC Moderators and URC Communications to help churches as they contemplate the long process of emerging from lockdown (whichever form that might take). I can't commend it to you enthusiastically enough as something which will be helpful to all churches and do hope that you are able to circulate it widely.  (News item here.)

Update Posted: 10/05/2020

Dear friends,cte presidents
I do hope you are keeping well at this challenging time.
A series of 5 video messages from CTE Presidents has been launched today, encouraging us to keep on praying prayers of hope during this challenging period.
The direct link is: www.cte.org.uk/KeepPraying

"We need to keep on praying: prayer makes a difference" - message from CTE Presidents
In a series of video messages released on 6 May 2020, Presidents of Churches Together in England are encouraging us to keep praying prayers of hope, because prayer makes a difference.
Each video includes optional subtitles, and a transcript of each message can be found at the bottom of the page.
Social media
We will be releasing one video per day on social media (from Wed 6 to Sun 10 May), using the hashtags #PrayersOfHope#ChurchesTogether and #Unity
The first video, of Archbishop Angaelos, will go live at 3.15pm today.
Suggested social media post:
  • Please be encouraged to share/retweet the daily videos from the CTE social media accounts, from Wed 6 to Sun 10 May
  • Suggested text to use: “Let’s keep on praying, because prayer makes a difference.” That’s the call from Presidents of @ChurchesEngland in their new series of video messages: cte.org.uk/KeepPraying #PrayersOfHope #ChurchesTogether #Unity
  • Please do use the hashtags #PrayersOfHope (tying in with the weekly call to prayer at 7pm each Sunday) #ChurchesTogether and #Unity
We would also encourage you to like our new CTE Facebook page, if you have not done so already: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ChurchesEngland/ - thank you!
Prayer posters
Also, a reminder of the opportunity to encourage people to download, print out and colour-in a range of prayer posters to display in their windows, available at www.cte.org.uk/PrayersOfHope
Suggested social media post for the posters:
Join hundreds of Christians praying #PrayersOfHope each Sunday at 7.00 pm. Print out a poster, put it in your window and keep the prayer going!
#ChurchesTogether #Unity
Coronavirus web hub
You can also find a a full range of guidance, resources and stories in CTE's Coronavirus web hub. 

Many thanks!
Warm regards,

Lucy Olofinjana, Senior Communications and Media Officer
Churches Together in England

Download .PDF Version (With Active Links): Click Here

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