Free Y6 Transition Resource For Schools

Hi Everyone
We hope you’re well – whatever you’re facing – that you’ll know God’s strength and peace as He holds you at this time.
We’re excited to send you a new resource! We’ve been working with Prayer Spaces in Schools to produce a series of reflective/prayer activities to help Year 6 children process their transition from Primary to Secondary school. All the activities are designed with current social distancing measures in mind.
You’ll find everything you need here: - including Teacher’s Guide, Powerpoint Presentation of activities and various other useful bits and bobs.
The activities are also suitable for children who are learning at home – versions of the transition activities and others like them are here:
The activities require limited resources – the kinds of things that children will have on their desks in school. They can be used indoors or outside.
We’d love every Year 6 class to get the chance to use this resource to help them process what is a very confusing time for them, especially this year. So if you have contact with a local primary school or schools, please consider sending this to them via email THIS WEEK. There’s an example of what you might say in the resource pack: Schools will already be planning their transition activities – so the sooner they receive this the better. We’d love to hear any feedback you get from the school ??
Thanks for ALL you’re doing to support your local children, young people and schools – we’re cheering you on!!
Jane and Liz
PS Click Here for very sketchy instructions for Activity 6!

Hi again
We wanted to give you something extra to go with the resource above so that it’s a more personal offering from you to your local schools.
You may have spotted that the example letter to school ( includes mention of a video which the local church can produce to introduce the Transition Space activities to the Y6 children. We think it would be great if you felt able to put together a really brief, simple video that the teacher can play when they present the Transition Space to their classes or ‘bubbles’.
Here's a video that Jane has put together for her local school to introduce the Transition Space. She’s worked with the local Vicar and his wife to make it, as they are familiar faces in the school too. It earths the resource in the local context and is more relational.  Like a lot of lock down videos – it’s sincere, if not a bit makeshift/comedy! It doesn’t have to be professional – just friendly and encouraging!
Click Here for the script they used – do feel free to make your own so that it sounds like you!
From our recent experience of being in schools and chatting to teachers, they would appreciate some extra resources as it is quite intense being with a small group of children all day with only a 30 minute break. So our hope and prayer is that the teacher’s and children will find this resource a blessing. 
Take care,
Jane and Liz