Bye bye Bristol networks, hello Together4Bristol

BN to T4B

The Bristol networks website has been here in its current form serving the Christian community in Bristol for very nearly 10 years now, which back then had made the transition from the old we:network website.

Now a new transitional period is upon us, as the Bristol networks website and Together4Bristol website merge into one new redesigned and responsive website, which will be called Together4Bristol once it goes fully live in November.

We are entering into the final stages of tweaking and polishing the new look site and wanted to open it up for comment before the launch date.

The 'Soft Launch' test site is available to view here:

Important Note: Please bear in mind that a few elements are not going to be correctly in place until going fully live, as the current Bristol networks website and this new Together4Bristol website are residing together in the same system. So you may occasionally find yourself inadvertently back on the Bristol networks website...

These include: Search bar results, Resources section articles, My Area, Privacy Policy,

Send your comments about the new site to:


Hope you enjoy exploring the new website!

new website