GATHERING, GROWING and GOING... releasing followers of Jesus who are passionate to see His Kingdom of love and justice impact every aspect of life in the Bristol region

Here you can read about our vision, values and basis of faith as well as our objectives and highlights from 2010 onwards. For current news, articles, calendar, and more of what is happening, see Bristol Networks website.

Meet the Team


The following people are on the Facilitating group of Together4Bristol (T4B):


Revd Eric Aidoo (Chair, Churches Together in Greater Bristol, CTGB)

Roger Allen (Enabler of T4B)

Revd Jackie Davis (Chair, Bristol Evangelical Alliance)

Derick Mulubwa (Facilitator, T4B Prayer)

ST (Arise Bristol)


T4B and CTGB are accountable to the senior Church Leaders (the Presidents of Churches Together in Greater Bristol):


Bishop Renford Brown, (Chair, Bristol Black Churches Council)

Revd Nigel Coles, Senior Regional Minister, West of England Baptist Association

The Rt Rev Vivienne Faull, the Bishop of Bristol, Diocese of Bristol, Church of England

Majors Ian and Jean Harris, Divisional Commanders, The Salvation Army, Severn and Somerset Division

The Rt Revd Declan Lang, Bishop of Clifton, Clifton Diocese (Catholic)

Revd Dr Jonathan Pye, Chair, Bristol Methodist District

Rob Scott-Cook, Celebration Churches Network

Revd Ruth Whitehead, Moderator, South Western Synod, URC




Together4Bristol (T4B) is a “unity for mission movement”, a “network of networks”, rather than an organisation, of churches, prayer groups, and networks across the whole, or spheres, of life.


T4B has the following Vision:


Transforming Bristol Together


Being good news for the Bristol region


Out of our unity we long to see...

the WHOLE Christian community

working together in prayer, prophetic action and proclamation of Jesus Christ, to help spread the Kingdom of God in the WHOLE of life in the Bristol region.


See the Summary of a Big Vision for a Good Bristol


See the Long Version of a Big Vision for a Good Bristol


Together4Bristol is a “unity for mission movement”, a “network of networks”, rather than an organisation. T4B has the following Values:


WHOLE Christian community, WHOLE of life


Relate with ALL

To build relationships is key: with God and across the whole Christian community.


Reconcile ALL

To help reconcile the whole Christian community, to learn from God and each other, and to equip whole-life misssional disciples.


Release ALL

To help release every Christian to bring the good news of Jesus Christ, in word and deed, to individuals and to every aspect of society.


Jesus came

“to bring life in ALL its fullness”

(John 10:10)


and to

“reconcile ALL things to himself” (Colossians 1: 20)


 “Make disciples of ALL nations”

(Matthew 28:19)


“Seek the peace and prosperity of the city...” (Jeremiah 29: 7)

"There is one body and one Lord and one God and Father of ALL, who is over ALL and through ALL and in ALL."

Basis of faith

Churches Together in Greater Bristol unites in pilgrimage those churches and Christians in the Bristol region, who, acknowledging God’s revelation in Christ, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures, and, in obedience to God’s will and in the power of the Holy Spirit commit themselves:

to seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another in the Church, which is his body; and

to fulfil their mission to proclaim the Gospel by common witness and service in the world

to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit


For more see the Basis of CTE


To build relationships

and unity


We gather church and prayer leaders and Christian leaders across the whole of life, to build friendship, exchange news and get a better overview of how each initiative and project fit together, to help form a “network of networks”.


We gather Christians at events, for hundreds at the Lovework conference, or thousands at the Party in the Park, to catch a vision together for how the whole of life can be transformed.


To learn from God and

each other


We pray together for one another, and for the whole of life across the city, for example, at an All Night Prayer Vigil.


We spur one another on to more radical whole-life missional discipleship, using resources such LICC's Fruitfulness on the Frontline.


We learn together, for example through city-wide gatherings, such as Going Deeper which explored these issues in greater depth.


We share dreams, opportunities and practical projects, to help spread the Kingdom of God in all the spheres of life. One way we raise awareness of all this is through the Bristol Networks website.


To act together and as individuals


As a result of growing relationships, the Christian community can take strategic action together, within or across the spheres of life. For example, we are fighting food poverty through a network of foodbanks and other organisations called the 5K Partnership.


We are also sent out as individuals, to live and communicate the good news of Jesus. At the Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering we prayed for and released thousands of Christians to help transform the whole of life in the Bristol region, for the benefit of all.


See our Objectives in full.


Highlights of the “unity for mission movement” in the Bristol region from 2010 onwards


Bristol has pioneered a “unity for mission movement” over many years before 2010, such as through the Celebration network of churches and events such as Love Bristol.


Since space is limited, here are just a few of the ways this has been expressed since 2010.


Please see the rest of this website and the Bristol Networks website, especially the Calendar, for numerous ways in which the Christian community is working to serve the Bristol region in practical ways. These include SixtyOne, which helps ex-prisoners, and the 5K Partnership which helps fight food poverty, through networking Foodbanks and others. Individuals, churches, organisations, projects and networks work week-in and week-out, together and individually, to help bring transformation to the Bristol region


  • Gatherings of church leaders from the Celebration network of churches, which are now also linked with New Wine church leaders.



  • The Bristol Evangelical Alliance (EA) facilitated the Bristol Prayer Networks gatherings to pray for the region.


  • Forum for Change (F4C) gatherings of Christians in the spheres of life (Arts and Media, Business and Workplace, Education and Young People, Politics and Social Action, Sport and Health). F4C met twice a year, including for a great Christmas dinner!


  • Churches Together in Greater Bristol (CTGB: founded in the 1920s) is given a new lease of life, linking about 20 Churches Together, or other informal groups of churches across the region.



  • Spectrum gathering (CTGB) at Bristol Cathedral. 50 exhibition stands, a celebration service and about 500 visitors.




  • Start of Arise Bristol! gatherings.


  • Spectrum gathering (CTGB) at Bristol Cathedral. 55 exhibition stands, a celebration service, over 500 visitors.


  • The Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering at Pentecost/Global Day of Prayer, with over 5000 people. Church and sphere leaders repented and made Declarations to work together more for the good of Bristol.



  • Launch of Together4Bristol (T4B) (which was originally a collaboration between CTGB, EA/F4C, Arise Bristol! and the Bristol Networks website to organise and publicise city-wide gatherings).



  • Numerous other wider gatherings, with food and drink, such as across the spheres of life, in the summer of 2013.


  • August: T4B's Going Deeper at the Colston Hall, with 60 exhibition stands, 16 seminars on issues from the spheres of life, performances and evening celebration.




  • Pentecost: T4B's gathering at College Green and in a packed Bristol Cathedral.


  • November: T4B's first gathering of 45 prayer, church and sphere leaders to build on the city-wide gatherings.



  • April: T4B's second gathering for prayer about Politics and Social Action (before the General Election).


  • 18 Parties in the Park by churches working together to connect with their local communities, (including The Noise, with six Family Fun Days and nearly 1000 volunteers).


  • September: The launch of the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit, which gives numerous examples of churches and Christians working together to serve and benefit the Bristol region with, as one example, the three groups of Street Pastors.






  • In March 2016, Let's Work Together (a Manifesto for the elections of 2016) was launched. In April, a T4B Hustings for the Mayoral candidates was held.



  • From 2017, this Together4Bristol website and the Bristol Networks website will help you keep in touch with developments in the “unity for mission” movement.


Bristol Region


Although most of our networking takes place within the city of Bristol, there are many important links with the surrounding region and beyond.


The Bristol region is difficult to define. It centres on the city of Bristol, with links to the surrounding city-region, which is called the West of England. This is a local government sub-region within the South West of the UK. From 1974 to the 1996 it was known as the county of Avon. More recently it has been divided between the four unitary authorities: Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, and Bath and North East Somerset.


Bath has its own “unity for mission movement” (BathCAN and Churches Together), which is separate from T4B. T4B learns a lot from BathCAN, as we increasingly build relationships with them. There are various ways in which we collaborate (for example, in the Sport and Family spheres) and there are many other growing links along the River Avon.


More information about the region can be found on the Bristol Networks website.

T4B logo: "4"

The Three Colours of the Together4Bristol logo

The three colours of the “4” in the Together4Bristol (T4B) logo are blue, red and green. They were suggested by Major Ian Mountford (Salvation Army and Chair, Churches Together in Greater Bristol, 2013 to 2016).

They come from the three colours used in “Natural Church Development”, which is widely used across the denominations and networks of the Church in the UK.

These three colours have many interpretations, but the ones most relevant to T4B are:

Blue represents the Holy Spirit, Red is Jesus and Green is the Creator, Father God. This emphasises the Trinitarian Basis of Faith of Churches Together and T4B.

Similarly, Blue represents Prayer and reflection, Red the Church, the body of Christ. Green represents the Creation, the Whole of Life, including the eight spheres of life of T4B.4B.

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