Churches Together in Greater Bristol (or CTGB) celebrates the diversity of the Christian faith in the Bristol region. Open to the leading of Holy Spirit, CTGB aims to increase unity and cooperation between churches and across the Christian community and to help them make a difference in our communities.  

CTGB is one of the founding partners, along with Evangelical Alliance, Arise Bristol! and the Bristol Networks website, of Together4Bristol (T4B), with the following Aims, Basis of Faith and Objectives. Here you can keep in touch, find out more about us and see highlights of CTGB from 2010. For current news, articles, calendar, and more of what is happening, see Bristol Networks website.

Basis of faith

Churches Together in Greater Bristol unites in pilgrimage those churches and Christians in the Bristol region, who, acknowledging God’s revelation in Christ, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures, and, in obedience to God’s will and in the power of the Holy Spirit commit themselves:

to seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another in the Church, which is his body; and

to fulfil their mission to proclaim the Gospel by common witness and service in the world

to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit


For more see the Basis of CTE


The aims of Churches Together in Greater Bristol are:


To become a visible sign of our Christian and Church commitment to one another.


To help churches fulfil their call to proclaim the Good News in common witness and service.


To enable and challenge churches and Christians not to do alone, what we might do together.


To foster networks of relationship between churches, civic authorities and other organisations which promote the well-being of all citizens of Bristol and surrounding areas.


To provide support and encouragement for all those seeking to work ecumenically.


To build relationships

and unity


We gather church and other Christian leaders, to build friendship, exchange news and get a better overview of how each other's work fits together, to help form a “network of networks”.


We gather Christians at a variety of events small or big.


For example, we have lunches for the eight senior regional Church Leaders or Presidents. We have lunches for the leaders of Churches Together (and similar) groups.


We have also gathered thousands, including the regional Church Leaders, at the Party in the Park, to catch a vision together for how the Bristol region can be transformed.


To learn from God and

each other


We encourage church leaders and others to pray together for one another, and for the whole of life across the city.


We spur one another on to more radical whole-life missional discipleship. We learn together and share dreams, opportunities, resources and practical projects, at bigger gatherings such as Spectrum or Going Deeper. One way we raise awareness of all this is through the Bristol Networks website, endorsed by CTGB.


To act together and as individuals


As a result of growing relationships, churches and the Christian community can take strategic action together, for example through Parties in the Park, or Foodbanks, to engage with their local communities.


We also encourage individuals to help impact the whole of life across the city-region, for example through collaboration with LICC.


At the Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering we prayed for and released thousands of church leaders and Christians to help transform the whole of life in the Bristol region.

About us

Churches Together in Greater Bristol (or CTGB) has an Enabler of Mission and Unity, who works with an enabling group of people from different churches to promote unity, prayer and community engagement.


The senior regional Church Leaders are the Presidents of CTGB. They are the leaders of the historical denominations as well as of newer networks of churches. Together4Bristol, as well as CTGB, are accountable to them.



Bishop Renford Brown

Chair, Bristol Black Churches Council


Revd Nigel Coles

Senior Regional Minister, West of England Baptist Association (WEBA)


The Rt Rev Vivienne Faull

Bishop of Bristol, Diocese of Bristol, Church of England


Majors Ian and Jean Harris

Divisional Commanders, The Salvation Army, Severn and Somerset Divisio


The Rt Revd Declan Lang


Bishop of Clifton, Clifton Diocese (Catholic)


Revd Dr Jonathan Pye

Chair, Bristol Methodist District


Rob Scott-Cook

Celebration Churches Network


Revd Ruth Whitehead

Moderator, South Western Synod, URC


Members of the CTGB Enabling Group


Chair: Revd Eric Aidoo (Baptist)

Roger Allen (Enabler of Mission and Unity)

Revd Chris Dobson (Anglican)

Ben Ellis (Salvation Army)

Eddy Knasel (Bristol Quakers)

Carlotta Kramskoy (Catholic)

Revd Stephen Newell (United Reformed Church)

Alan Paginton (Secretary)

Alison Paginton (Treasurer)

ST (Arise Bristol!)

Revd Nigel Young (Methodist)


A few highlights of Churches Together in Greater Bristol (CTGB) from 2010


Bristol has pioneered a “unity for mission movement” over many years. In 2010, CTGB, which was founded in the 1920s, was given a new lease of life.


CTGB links Churches Together groups, Local Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs), or other informal groups of churches across the region.

Since then there have been:


  • Gatherings of church leaders from the Celebration network of churches, which are now linked with New Wine church leaders.



  • Spectrum gatherings (CTGB) at Bristol Cathedral in 2011 and 2012. Over 50 exhibition stands, a celebration service, about 500 visitors at each gathering.


  • In March 2011, the Bristol Networks website was launched, and with others, was endorsed by CTGB.


  • Since 2011, there has been an annual Forum.


  • From July 2012, there have been twice-yearly lunches for the regional Church Leaders or presidents of CTGB.


  • Three city wide “Arise!” and “Together for Bristol” gatherings of thousands of people, at Pentecost (at Ashton Gate 2012, Castle Park 2013 and College Green 2014) with representives from CTGB involved. For example, at Ashton Gate there was Repentance, and Declarations were made by Church Leaders, to work together more for the good of Bristol.


  • A city-wide Going Deeper conference at the Colston Hall (2013) was facilitated by CTGB, included stands and seminars.




  • Since 2015, there have been lunch gatherings twice a year for leaders of Churches Together groups and other informal groups of churches.


  • From January 2016, there have been twice-yearly lunches for communicators and website facilitators across the Christian community in the Bristol region.


  • In March 2016, Let's Work Together (a Manifesto for the elections of 2016) was launched. In April, a Hustings for the Mayoral candidates was held. Both were commended by CTGB.


  • From 2017, “Together4Bristol” has a website, including this page to help people connect with Churches Together in Greater Bristol.


Associated networks



Churches Together in Greater Bristol helps connect various denominations and networks of churches, Churches Together groups, or other informal groups of churches, and Local Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs), which are listed below.


Denominations and networks of churches

Anglican (Diocese of Bristol)

Baptist (West of England Baptist Association)

Bristol Black Churches Council

Catholic (Clifton Diocese)

Celebration Churches Network

Methodist (Bristol and South Glos Cicuit)

The Redeemed Christian Church of God

Salvation Army (Severn and Somerset Division)

United Reformed Church (Southwestern Synod)


About 45 denominations and networks of churches are national members of Churches Together in England, of which about half have churches in the Bristol region.

Churches Together (or similar) groups






Chipping Sodbury and Yate  

City Centre

Clifton, Cotham and Redland

East Bristol


Filwood Park

Hartcliffe and Withywood

Henbury & Brentry

Horfield and Lockleaze  


Knowle and Totterdown

Knowle West

Prayer for Easton




Local Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs)

Frampton Cotterell

Local Churches in Covenant


Holy Trinity, Bradley Stoke

SCLEP, Anglican Methodist URC


Kingswood United Church

SCLEP, URC / Moravian


Longwell Green United Church

SCLEP, Anglican Methodist


St Alban’s, Westbury Park

SCLEP, Anglican Methodist


St Anne’s Eastville

Sharing Agreement, Anglican Mar Thoma


St Chad’s Patchway

SCLEP, Anglican Methodist


St Peter, Pilning

SCLEP, Anglican Methodist


Severn Beach

SCLEP, Anglican Methodist


University of Bristol

multi-faith chaplaincy and international LEP


University of the West of England

multi-faith chaplaincy


Winterbourn/Winterbourne Down

Local Churches in Covenant


Zion, Frampton Cotterell

SCLEP, Methodist URC


(SCLEP = Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnership)


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