The Bristol and District Evangelical Alliance (EA) is the regional expression of the EA in the UK. Since 1846, the EA has been bringing Christians together.

The EA is one of the founding partners, along with Churches Together in Greater Bristol, Arise Bristol! and the Bristol Networks website, of Together4Bristol (T4B). EA has particularly brought together Christian leaders of the prayer networks and from the whole, or spheres, of life. EA has the following vision, mission and objectives. You can keep in touch and view highlights since 2010. For current news, articles, calendar, and more of what is happening, see Bristol Networks website.

About us

EA is the largest and oldest body representing the UK’s two million evangelical Christians. EA helps them listen to, and be heard by, the government, media and society.


EA UK works across 79 denominations, 3,500 churches, 750 organisations and thousands of individual members. And we're not just connecting Christians within the UK. We are a founding member of the World Evangelical Alliance, a global network of more than 600 million evangelical Christians.


In the Bristol region, the EA is represented by the Bristol and District Evangelical Alliance Executive group:


Revd Jackie Davis (Chair)


Joan Johnson (Secretary)


Malcolm Jones (Treasurer)


Roger Allen


Revd Brendan Bassett

Derick Mulubwa


Better together

Working for a united Church; confident in voice; inspired for mission.


One People

Uniting Christians across the Bristol region in our shared mission.


One Voice

Speaking with confidence to government and the media to present God’s truth with grace.


One hope

Following Jesus and serving the Church – working together to see our lives and communities changed.


Unity is what drives us – but not just for unity’s sake. By bringing people together, we are following the John 17 mandate to show the immense love of God, who sent his Son for us. We connect people for a shared mission, whether it’s nurturing a church culture which is increasingly confident in the gospel, getting involved in community action or lobbying the government for a better society. EA nationally informs and inspires Christians with resources, analysis and articles about our society, what the church is doing and how they can get involved. And EA represents evangelicals to the media, presenting God’s truth with grace and telling good news stories about the difference Christians are making.


We believe the Church is the key to long-lasting change in our country - and that by working closely with our amazing members, we can transform our communities with the good news of Jesus.







Read Evangelical Alliance's Basis of Faith and Evangelical Relationships Commitment.

Basis of Faith

To build relationships

and unity


We gather church leaders (especially from smaller churches) and other Christian leaders, from the prayer and spheres of life, to build friendship, exchange news and get a better overview of how each other’s work fits together, to help form a “network of networks”, such as the prayer networks.


We gather Christians at a variety of events small or big. For example, EA facilitates informal gatherings of Christians involved in the whole of life or spheres of life, including for a great Christmas dinner or at a Party in the Park for thousands. They catch a vision together for how the Bristol region can be transformed.


To learn from God and

each other


We encourage church leaders and others to pray together for one another, and for the whole of life across the city.


We spur one another on to more radical whole-life missional discipleship.


We learn together and share dreams, opportunities, resources and practical projects, at bigger gatherings, such as Going Deeper, which had stands, and seminars about the spheres of life.


We are also linked to national and global gatherings, such as Gather, facilitated by EA nationally. One way we raise awareness of all this is through the Bristol Networks website, endorsed by EA.


To act together and as individuals


As a result of growing relationships, churches and the Christian community can take strategic action together in the spheres of life, to engage with the city, for example through a hustings of candidates for Mayor.


We also encourage individuals to help impact the whole of life across the city-region in their everyday spheres of life.


At the Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering we prayed for and released thousands of Christians to help transform the Bristol region, for the benefit of all.


A few highlights of Bristol and District Evangelical Alliance (EA) since 2010


Bristol has pioneered a “unity for mission movement” over many years. Since 1846, the EA has been bringing Christians together.


The different prayer networks came together under the heading “Bristol Prayer Networks” (facilitated by EA) in about 2010 and have been meeting regularly ever since, including for bigger gatherings to pray for Bristol.


Informal gatherings of Christians involved in the whole of life in the Bristol region started in about 2009. “Forum for Change” (facilitated by EA) brought together leaders in the spheres of life. They met twice a year, including for a great Christmas dinner!

Since then here have been:


  • In March 2011, the launch of the Bristol Networks website, which with others, was endorsed by EA.


  • Three city wide “Arise!” and “Together4Bristol” gatherings of thousands of people, at Pentecost (at Ashton Gate 2012, Castle Park 2013 and College Green 2014) with representatives from EA , Forum for Change and Bristol Prayer Networks involved. For example, at Ashton Gate there was Repentance, and Declarations were made by sphere leaders, to work together more for the good of Bristol.


  • Since then, core groups with facilitators have been formed in the spheres of life, with regular gatherings and practical action (see the different spheres' webpages for details). “Forum for Change” has become “Together for Bristol: Whole of Life”


  • A city wide Going Deeper conference at the Colston Hall (2013), included an EA stand and 16 seminars on issues about the spheres of life.


  • An All-Night Prayer Vigil at the Cathedral and St Stephen's (May 2014), with prayer and sphere leaders involved.


  • In November 2014, Roger Sutton of Gather (served and enabled by EA nationally) spoke at the first Together4Bristol gathering of key leaders.


  • Since then, there have been Together4Bristol gatherings twice a year, involving representatives from EA, prayer and sphere leaders, including to write A Big Vision for a Good Bristol in November 2015.


  • In March 2016, Let's Work Together (a Manifesto for the elections of 2016) was launched. In April, a Hustings for the Mayoral candidates was held. Both were commended by EA.


  • From 2017, “Together4Bristol” has a website, including this page to help people connect with Bristol and District Evangelical Alliance.


    For highlights of the overall “unity for mission movement” in the Bristol region from 2010. Read more here...

Associated networks


For the latest list of about 70 churches, plus organisations, which are members of EA, please contact Malcolm Jones

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