Together4Bristol (T4B) is a “unity for mission movement”, a “network of networks”, rather than an organisation, partnering with individuals, churches, prayer groups, and networks across the whole, or spheres, of life.


Transforming Bristol Together


“Out of our unity we long to see... the WHOLE Christian community

working together... to help spread the Kingdom of God throughout the WHOLE of life across the Bristol region”.


If you share this vision, we would love you to partner with us. Opposite are listed several benefits for you. There is also a small cost, if you can afford it, to help fund this growing movement.


To discuss any aspect of partnering with T4B, please contact:

Partnering with T4B / Churches Together in Greater Bristol (CTGB) provides the following benefits and services:


1. Join a “unity for mission movement“: Transforming Bristol Together.


2. Eager to help you in any way we can.


3. Gatherings to build relationships and make connections.


4. Meeting you one 2 one for mutual support, encouragement and prayer.


5. Help you get FREE publicity on the Bristol Networks (BN) website and Facebook page.


6. Link you with regional and national leaders, initiatives and networks.


7. Talks for your group, concerning “unity for mission” and T4B, with follow up actions.


8. Help you receive and have input into a FREE monthly email from Bristol Networks/T4B.


9. Help you join FREE Directories of churches, organisations and businesses on the BN website.


10. Publicity at some T4B gatherings, for example, bringing display stands or being interviewed.


11. Use of T4B logos and T4B's publicity channels for your resources or conferences.


12. Talks for your group, concerning “whole life missional discipleship”.


See the detailed version of benefits and Services by downloading our brochure here.

Recommended Subscriptions

to become Partners of Together4Bristol (T4B) /

Churches Together in Greater Bristol (CTGB)


Partners (Churches)

Churches can become Partners (Churches) of T4B following the payment of the annual subscription


Churches with a membership of up to 100 - £50 per annum

Churches with a membership of 100 to 200 - £75 per annum

Churches with a membership of over 200 - £100 per annum


Partners (Other)

Other organisations, networks or projects can become Partners (Other) of T4B for an annual fee of £50. (If an organisation wishes to become Partners but for some reason would find the fee prohibitive they can discuss this and should contact:


Churches Together Groups

Churches Together Groups are encouraged to make Voluntary Contributions of £100 per annum from each group – although some may be able to afford more, and others less.


Individual donations

                              Please make payments through the Donate button

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