In response to the call of Jesus Christ, we seek the release of the Christian community’s resources, working with all, bringing hope by transformation of Bristol’s social issues. The Politics and Social Action sphere is also known as Christian Action Bristol (CAB).

Together4Bristol (T4B) is a “unity for mission movement”, a “network of networks” rather than an organisation, with the following vision and objectives in the Politics and Social Action sphere or Christian Action Bristol (CAB). Here you can keep in touch with what is going on and see highlights of this sphere in the Bristol region. For current news, articles, calendar, and more of what is happening, see the Bristol Networks website.

The Strands

Currently, there are 14 areas of social action, in Christian Action Bristol, under the chairmanship of Andrew Street:

  • Homelessness / housing  / accommodation

  • Addiction support and recovery

  • Food poverty

  • Prison ministry and supporting ex-offenders 

  • Vulnerable / working women

  • Refugees

  • Young people

  • Debt advice and support

  • Environment and creation care

  • Social investment

  • Police / street pastors 

  • Disability

  • Community

  • Politics (local and national)


The vision of Christian Action Bristol (CAB) is to:


‘Mobilise the human and financial capital that exists within the Christian community  in Bristol to serve and bless the city through action’.


Under this banner a group of key leaders representing 14 individual strands of social action have come together to bring into reality the following aims:

  • To love all people in this city;

  • To help, through our actions, to restore hope to this city;

  • To serve without asking for anything in return;

  • To work in open partnership with all sectors of city life; and

  • To pray for all aspects of life in this city.


To build relationships

and unity

We gather Christians to build relationships, exchange news, seek a better overview and

build a “network of networks” involved with politics and social action.

We come together at a variety of events, small and large. Leaders of the 14 strands meet regularly to engage with the Mayor of Bristol and other key Council or City Office personnel to shape and deliver “Offers” from the Christian community. Engagement with politics (local and national) has been a theme of Together for Bristol gatherings. We have been involved with gatherings for hundreds, such as Global Aware Bristol and for thousands, such as the Party in the Park


To learn from God and

each other

We pray together for one another, and for every aspect of politics and social action across the Bristol region, such as at an All Night Prayer Vigil or through a week of prayer and fasting. We learn together and share and produce resources, such as Let's Work Together (a Manifesto for the Mayoral elections of May 2016). We have been involved in city-wide gatherings, such as Going Deeper which explored issues concerning politics and social action, locally and globally, in greater depth. We also raise awareness of this sphere, for example, through the Christian Action Bristol and Bristol Networks websites.


To act together and as individuals

As a result of growing relationships, the Christian community is able to shape and release strategic action together through the networks in many of the 14 strands. For example, through the 5K Partnership linking Foodbanks and others working in the area of food poverty, or through SixtyOne working with ex-offenders. At the Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering we prayed for and released Christians to help bring transformation to politics and social action in the Bristol region and beyond.  


A few highlights of the Politics and Social Action sphere in the Bristol region from 2010


The various individuals and networks in the Politics and Social Action sphere work week-in and week-out, together and individually, to help bring transformation to the Bristol region.


Informal gatherings of Christians involved in this sphere started in about 2010 although other networks, such as BCAN, the Homeless Forum and Global Aware Bristol, started many years before.


“Forum for Change” brought together leaders in the spheres of life, such as Politics. They met twice a year, including for a great Christmas dinner!

Since then there have been:


  • Three city wide “Arise!” and “Together for Bristol” gatherings of thousands of people, at Pentecost (at Ashton Gate 2012, Castle Park 2013 and College Green 2014) with representatives from this sphere involved. For example, at Ashton Gate there was Repentance, and Declarations were made, to work together more for the good of Bristol.


  • A city wide Going Deeper conference at the Colston Hall (2013), included stands and a seminar exploring issues concerning politics and social action locally and globally.


  • Several other wider gathering, with food and drink, such as in the summer of 2013.




  • From the summer of 2015, this sphere came together under a new banner: Christian Action Bristol (CAB).



  • For several years, the Global Aware Bristol conference (a unique collaboration between CAFOD, Christian Aid, Fairtrade Bristol, TEAR fund and others) has taken place, including Swords into Ploughshares in February 2016.


  • In March 2016, Let's Work Together (a Manifesto for the elections of 2016) was launched. In April, a Hustings for the Mayoral candidates was held.


  • Since June 2016, CAB has helped the Christian community engage more effectively and strategically with the Mayor. In November, CAB brought three “Offers” to the Mayor / City Office, concerning the provision of breakfast clubs for schools in the poorest parts of the city; addressing the issue of homelessness and the development of a city fund.         

  • There has also been prayer about these issues, in November 2016 and a week of prayer and fasting in January 2017.

  • From 2017, “Together4Bristol” has a website, including this page to help people connect with other people and organisations active in the Politics and Social Action sphere.


Associated networks


Together4Bristol is a “unity for mission movement”, a “network of networks” rather than an organisation. There are numerous organisations engaging with social action in the Bristol region. The following Christian networks, which help connect projects and organisations together, are some of those involved in the Politics and Social Action sphere.


Christian Action Bristol (another name for this sphere)



5K Partnership

Bristol and Bath Disability Network

Bristol and Bath Regional Capital

City of Sanctuary

Christians Against Poverty

Homeless Forum

Prayer for Young People

Resonance Bristol SITR Fund 

Sixty One

Street Pastors

Vision for the Vulnerable



Bristol Fairtrade


Christian Aid

Diocese of Bristol

South West Agencies Network (SWAN)


Woodlands International Development group

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