MYA (Mentoring Young Artists) 2018/19
Do you know a young person (aged 12-17) who'd benefit from the opportunity to be mentored, encouraged and trained in their art form throughout the year?
Our heart is to train and develop young artists aged 12 - 17
Click here to email Leanne or call her on 01454 414880 for more information
We are so excited about seeing young people grow and develop in their art form to become people in the performing arts who are passionate about God and who are skilled and stand for excellence.  MYA (Mentoring Young Artists) is a mentoring programme for singer/song writers, dancers, musical theatre performers, singers, bass guitarists, guitarists, drummers, technicians and for the first time ever presenters aged 12 – 17 who want to learn new skills in their art form, gain performance and recording experience and develop their walk with God.
mya nancy
“I am committed to raising up as many artists as I can who will be excellent in their art form, passionate in their faith and determined in shaping culture.” 

Nancy Goudie
founder & CEO of ngm
Each MYA artist will be paired with an ngm artist who will mentor and develop him or her throughout the year.  This is a unique and brilliant course that runs throughout the year no matter where you live.  If you are interested in MYA then please get in touch!  

You can specialise in one of the following art forms:

Dance; Vocals; Singer/Song Writers; 
Musical Theatre;  Drums; Bass Guitar; Guitar; Presenting or Technical

As part of the MYA course, you will come for 3 arts training days at our Caedmon Complex. The arts training days are to inspire, challenge and develop you in your art form; exploring different styles, ideas and techniques and how to get the most out of your performance and ability as an artist.  There will be opportunities to perform and gain feedback, to record in our studios and more!