We long to see every Christian released to be good news in the whole of life, or spheres of life, in the Bristol region: in Arts, Business and Workplace, Education, Family, Health, Media, Politics and Social Action and Sport.

T4B Whole of Life is a “network of networks”, with a facilitating group, and core groups for all eight spheres of life. We link with church and prayer leaders and help to connect networks, organisations, projects and individuals in the whole of life. We also engage with the council, and organize wider gatherings, including conferences, to release Christians and people of goodwill to help transform the whole of life in the Bristol region.

See the Timeline for examples of how we are helping transform the region for good.

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T4B Whole of Life has a Facilitating group of the spheres' facilitators, who are:

ARTS (Kingdom Creatives)
Erica Bebb -

Tim Simpson (Prayer), Jez Sweetland -

Jane Gillis -

FAMILY (Love Family)
Sarah Abell, Jane Auld -

ST, Clare Fleming -

Jo Sunderland - Roger Allen

POLITICS and SOCIAL ACTION (Christian Action Bristol)
Andy Street, Paul Hazelden - visit our website

Akeel Yousaf -

Derick Mulubwa (Prayer) -

Roger Allen -


Latest Whole of Life News and Events  

Our feature link this month is to a webinar hosted by Faith in Business around Proverbs - Finding Wisdom for Business
A Biblical Perspective to the 'Classrooms of Society'
It's a cry for the perfection of heaven to infuse leadership in every sphere, by clearly acknowledging where the authority for human leadership comes from.