#HopeOnFilm: New series of short social action films from Christian Action Bristol

Dear all
Unity in this day and age is a challenge, although there is a sense of increasing collaboration and partnership in Bristol across all sectors of society, including the church.
As a positive step towards an even greater display of that unity, we want to raise a call to God’s city-wide Church in Bristol. The call is for even greater compassion, and for us to be unified in reaching out to the poor and marginalised within our own city walls.
#HopeOnFilm will feature five short films highlighting key social action issues in Bristol (social prescribing, homelessness, food poverty, early years intervention and fostering/adoption).
Focusing on the people involved and the people who support them, we explore some of the challenges and increasing sense of hope that exist in these complicated subjects.
In sharing these films we want to:
  • highlight the positive impact Christians are having in our city;
  • Challenge us all in to action; and
  • Set out a shared and positive way forward  for working together in our city.
We’re asking churches across the city to engage by watching the film and downloading the press-pack to share with churches and congregations.
To watch the first film in the series ‘Social Prescribing’, visit https://www.christianactionbristol.org.uk/hopeonfilm
However you choose to participate - we hope that you’ll join us in championing and praying for these issues and the city, and to do so in a unified and strategic way. This is so important.
Many thanks for your support
Andy Street, Christian Action Bristol