We are a gathering, a network of creatives, artists and those who care about the arts, sharing experiences, being creative and prayerfully envisioning together for our city. Our purpose is creatively to seek God - for his presence and direction in our lives, for our contribution to community and to encourage one another in doing this.

Together4Bristol (T4B) is a “unity for mission movement”, a “network of networks” rather than an organisation, with the following vision, mission and objectives in the Arts sphere. Here you can keep in touch with what is going on and see highlights of the Arts sphere in the Bristol region. For current news, articles, calendar, and more of what is happening, see Bristol Networks website.


The Arts Sphere shares the vision of creatives and artists throughout history to weave stories and to connect with community in image, sound, movement and word.


Our vision moves from this to explore beauty, truth and our identities in Christ, and to connect with our neighbour at a level beyond speech.


We celebrate artistic creativity, and the input of artists, performers and arts organisations to our city and church communities, and in our personal lives.


Faith, hope and imagination and art's power to reframe experience are of a piece, and help us connect more deeply with the Gospel.


With a mission to explore this and to bring together the city’s creatives, we look to:


A greater understanding and use of artistic language, especially in terms of adding value in church life, city life and in personal growth.


Network with individuals and organisations, Christian and secular, supporting their visions, ideas and projects.


Explore what is unique about the arts in terms of access for the gospel and, specifically, how creativity brings transformation.


To build relationships

and unity



We are building a committed core team, adopting principles of support, sharing and preferring one another.


We see this is as both the model and the catalyst for transformation.


We gather creatives at a various events small and large, such as the Arts sphere prayer group or the city-wide Party in the Park.


To learn from God and

each other



We do not wish to duplicate others' work; instead we aim to refer artists to the most appropriate organisation, individual or project for their needs, ideas and creativity.


At the same time we shall be continuing to develop an Arts sphere contact base.


We have been involved in city-wide gatherings, such as Going Deeper which explored Arts issues in greater depth.


We raise awareness of this sphere, for example, through the Bristol Networks website.


To act together and as individuals



We have activities that include prayer, such as at an All-Night Prayer Vigil, teaching, workshops and collaborative artistic output (a piece of work). 


We hope to build a fluid community that will find out what people want and how the arts sphere works for them.


Action will include convening, initiating and coming alongside projects.


At the Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering we released creatives to help transform our church communities and our city.

Dancer: Natasha Fewings

Installation: Jane Lee


A few highlights of the Arts sphere in the Bristol region


The various individuals and networks in the Arts sphere work week-in and week-out, together and individually, to help bring transformation to the Bristol region. Networks like The Group of creatives has been gathering for many years.


Informal gatherings of Christians involved in the Arts sphere started in about 2010, as one of five spheres of life which were part of “Forum for Change”. They met twice a year, including for a great Christmas dinner!

Since then there have been:


  • Three city wide “Arise!” and “Together for Bristol” gatherings of thousands of people, at Pentecost (at Ashton Gate 2012, Castle Park 2013 and College Green 2014) with representatives from the Arts sphere involved. For example, at Ashton Gate there was Repentance, and Declarations were made, to work together more for the good of Bristol.


  • A city wide Going Deeper conference at the Colston Hall (2013), included stands and an Arts seminar and many performances.



  • Since November 2014, twice-yearly Together4Bristol gatherings, involving representatives from this sphere, including to write A Big Vision for a Good Bristol in November 2015.



  • From 2017, “Together4Bristol” has a website, including this page to help people connect with the Arts sphere.

Art Gallery

Here is a sample of work from the Arts Sphere folk. Click on an image to enlarge.


Associated networks


Together4Bristol is a “unity for mission movement”, a “network of networks” rather than an organisation. The following networks are some of those involved in the Arts sphere.


Changing Tunes

Christ Church creatives

Hope Church creatives

New Generation Music (NGM)

Prodigal Arts

Prophetic Artists

The Group of Artists

Woodies Creatives

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