Together4Bristol (T4B) is a “unity for mission movement”, a “network of networks”, rather than an organisation, of prayer groups, and leaders of churches and spheres of life. If you have a hunger to pray with others, tell us your particular interest, and we will connect you, where we can. If you lead such a group, do get in touch. For current news, articles, calendar, and more of what is happening, see Bristol Networks website.


We long for unity across the whole Christian community, especially in the prayer networks, churches and the spheres of life.


We long to help bring transformation, through prayer and action, to individuals and society in the Bristol region and beyond.


Change is possible!


These values from the intercessors and prayer networks, especially Arise Bristol!, have become key for Together4Bristol as a whole.


To have prayer and relationship with God as key. Prayer is first priority in everything.


To hear what God is saying, to obey and take action, to trust God for the outcome.


To be accountable to the senior Church Leaders from across the Bristol region.


To have a servant attitude (Philippians 2: 5 to 11), to serve and release the rest of the Christian community and beyond.


To bring together people from the prayer networks, church leaders and key Christians in all the spheres of life.


To help release Christians into their callings (Ephesians 4: 11 to 16) both within churches and in all aspects of life.


To engage with Christians from every aspect of the Christian community.


To work relationally, with the lightest possible structures needed, rather than setting up another organisation.


To engage with anyone of goodwill for the good of the Bristol region.


To take time to pray and study, with others, to explore Christian perspectives and to discern God's best strategies to bring transformation to the Christian community and the whole of life in the Bristol region and beyond (Colossians 1: 15 to 20).


To build relationships

and unity


We gather intercessors and prayer leaders, together with leaders of churches and spheres of life. We pray, build friendship, exchange stories and get a better overview of what the Lord is doing across the Bristol region, for example at regular Arise Bristol! gatherings.


We encourage groups of Christians to pray in their local geographical areas or in their spheres of life. We encourage prayer everywhere, in churches, in families, in the workplace, such as in the Christian Workplace Group at Southmead Hospital.


To learn from God and

each other


We pray together for one another, and for the whole of life across the city, for example, at an All-Night Prayer Vigil.


We spur one another on to more radical discipleship, learning to hear, obey and trust God. We learn together through city-wide gatherings and conferences such as Going Deeper, and teaching from other cities and nations. One way we raise awareness of issues for prayer is through the Bristol Networks website.


To act together and as individuals


As a result of growing relationships, the Christian community can take strategic action together, for example, through SPARK, which connects the leaders of different prayer networks.


We also pray together to send out individuals. At the Arise Bristol! Ashton Gate stadium gathering on the Global Day of Prayer, we prayed for and released thousands of Christians to help transform the whole of life in the Bristol region, for the benefit of all.


A few highlights of T4B:Prayer in the Bristol region from 2010 onwards


There is a rich heritage of prayer in Bristol. For example, George Muller's faith and answered prayers still have a profound influence across the world. There have been many prayer meetings over the years, including the Bristol Prayer Wall in the early 2000s.


There are many different groups who faithfully and regularly pray and intercede for the Bristol region, many in a hidden way. To find out more about them, contact Derick Mulubwa (


From about 2009, the different prayer networks were linked together as Bristol Prayer Networks, which had city-wide gatherings for prayer two or three times a year.

There have been:


  • In 2012, God spoke clearly to the intercessors about the need for a city-wide gathering at Ashton Gate stadium at Pentecost (which was also the Global Day of Prayer). There was much background prayer for this Arise Bristol! gathering of about 5,000 people. At the stadium, there was Repentance, and Declarations made to work together more for the good of Bristol.


  • Two other city wide “Arise” and “Together4Bristol” gatherings of thousands at Pentecost followed, with a great deal of prayer and intercession, at Castle Park 2013 and College Green 2014


  • There was a city wide Going Deeper conference at the Colston Hall (2013), exploring issues across the whole of life.



  • Since November 2014, there are twice-yearly Together4Bristol gatherings, with representatives from prayer networks, as well as church and sphere leaders.


  • Since 2012, the intercessors, plus some sphere and church leaders, including from ethnic minority groups, have meet monthly as Arise Bristol! to seek God, build relationships and pray.


  • There has been regular prayer, often for the spheres of life, at the Prayer Centre at Hope Church.


  • Since 2015, the facilitating group has been called SPARK, led by Derick Mulubwa, as well as ST. The different prayer groups across the city-region link together to pray strategically for the whole of life in the Bristol region and beyond


  • From 2017, “Together4Bristol” has a website, including this page to help praying Christians and intercessors to connect with others.

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